Top Things to Do in Traverse City, Michigan

things to do in traverse

My dear international travelers, if you’ve never been to Michigan, you may honestly believe that there is nothing interesting to do there. And I fully understand your train of thought. However, I’m determined to lead you through a less popular route of the US locations. Believe me, Traverse City Michigan can be easily compared with … more

18 Best Things to Do in Los Angeles This Summer

things to do in los angeles

Are you planning a trip to the fabled City of Angels? Or are you already there and cannot decide what to do in this huge city of opportunities? You’ve come right on time for the extensive list of the most popular attractions you can find there!  Los Angeles is a city of fun and opportunities. … more

Top 5 Things to Do in Ventura, California

things to do in ventura

While traveling through California, you’ll hardly find any place more picturesque than Ventura, hidden amidst the Los Padres National Forest, Santa Clara River, and the Pacific Ocean. This is a younger sister of Malibu and Santa Barbara with homey small-town vibes.  Located between the most popular California attractions, Ventura offers lots of sights and entertainment … more

Spend the Perfect Weekend in Matlacha, Florida

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Florida is a popular vacation place, especially when the international borders are closed. Besides, the state offers entertainment for every taste, from the wondrous theme parks to the hot beaches and even a few scientific places. But what to choose when looking for a near-the-beach vacation but with less noise and crowd than Miami? Here … more

The Best Locations for Amazing Florida Road Trip

Florida is one of the most popular states in the USA for road trip fun. If you wonder where to spend your next vacation and get the perfect experience, choose the Sunshine State.  Florida is a state of limitless summer and fun. It combines the relaxed serenity of hitting the beach, the active and thematic … more

What Are the Best Things to Do in Naples?

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Naples is a small city in Florida. But its proximity to the shores of the Gulf of Mexico makes it a popular touristy spot. If a vacation in Miami is out of your budget, or you prefer a calm and relaxing type of rest, Naples can become the perfect location for you. With all the … more

How to Spend a Perfect Day in Ecola State Park? 

ecola oregon

Stretching along the Oregon coast is one beautiful state park that commands attention in the nearby area. The scenic marvel of Ecola State Park is a star of the state. Numerous movies and shows featured it on screen. As you plan a trip to this rustic beauty, a short guide would tell its secrets.  A … more

7 Best Places to Eat in Pittsburg

When traveling across the States, you are bound to visit Pittsburg sooner or later. “The Steel City” is a major destination in Pennsylvania that, despite its industrial nickname, has a plethora of family-oriented attractions and things to do!  Pittsburgh is a highly underappreciated city when it comes to entertainment and food locations. The food scene … more

What Are The Best Restaurants in Philadelphia PA?

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Let’s take a look at the variety of amazing Philly restaurants while we await the opportunity of dining out again! The city contains establishments for any taste and budget. The restaurants of grandeur are rivaled by the tiny family bakeries in a tight competition for the tastiest dish in the area.  Philly is a lot … more