How to Spend a Perfect Day in Ecola State Park? 

Stretching along the Oregon coast is one beautiful state park that commands attention in the nearby area. The scenic marvel of Ecola State Park is a star of the state. Numerous movies and shows featured it on screen. As you plan a trip to this rustic beauty, a short guide would tell its secrets. 

A perfect day in Ecola State Park may look different for everybody. The famous views in this untouched piece of wild nature are a sight to behold. A whole day on the Oregon coastline usually features miles of rustic nature, numerous vantage points, and a few active fun attractions. 

How to Get to Ecola State Park? 

ecola park

Ecola State Park lays just 79 miles from Portland, slightly to the North along the coastline. The easiest way to get to this park is by renting a car in Portland. The trip will take approximately 1 h 30 min. If you are traveling from Seattle, the ride will take at least 4 hours. Thus, I suggest that you make a two-day road trip to Ecola Park Oregon and visit a few locations such as Tacoma and Ocean Park along the way. 

My experience is traveling from Portland by bus! You can find a daily bus coursing from Amtrak Station, Portland, to Cannon Beach Family Market. The cost is approximately $20-$30. The only problem is that it departs in the evening. Thus, expect an overnight stay if traveling by bus. 


Let’s say that you depart early in the morning by car or wake up in a nice hotel near the area. You have a whole day to spend amidst nature. Where do you begin? 

The best course of action is to start by spending your time under the Indian Beach Ecola State Park warming sun. The beach, located not far from Cannon Beach, is a popular surfing location. If you are up to the task, and the weather is fine, hire a Cannon Beach surf instructor either for private one-on-one, or join group lessons. 

Make your breakfast into a picnic at the beach. Explore the local marine during a low tide. Or simply enjoy a bit of tanning as you would on a sunny Californian beach


After your breakfast picnic on the beach, it’s time to switch to the main activity of the Ecola State Park – hiking. 

The location has top-rated hiking trails that will lead you through the treelines, caves, waterfalls, and vantage points to observe the power of the Pacific Ocean. 

Start at the Ecola Point. This is the southern entry point of the park. It’s located between Indian and Cannon Beaches. From there, you can see a Tillamook Rock Lighthouse a mile away from the shore. Unfortunately, it is privately owned, and no public visitations are held. 

From there, you can head north to Indian Point, located another 1.5 miles away. A few years ago, the trail got washed out, so enjoy the hike as far as you reach and return to the starting point. 

After you enjoy the full view, head south alongside the Oregon Coast Trail to reach Crescent Beach. It is located a little more than a mile away from the point.

If you are up for an advanced Ecola State Park hike, take the Lewis and Clark Discovery Trail. It stretches almost across the entire length of the park. The full track stretches for 12 miles. 


indian beach

After a long day of hiking, you can always head back to Portland if you rent a car. However, according to my personal experience, an overnight stay offers an amazing sunset view at the beach. 

Return to the beach, freshen up in the cool waters after a long hike, and head to The Table at Cannon Beach for the perfect dinner. The location is an interesting combination of a restaurant and a pub. The outside tables are lit by the warm lights from one side and the moon from the other. Eating out amidst nature is the perfect closure for such a wonderful and active day. 

This was my personal experience at the Ecola State Park, and I wanted to share my schedule that made my day special. I still remember the light breeze on the Indian Beach and how tired yet serene I was after a day of hiking amidst nature so wild and beautiful. I hope your trip is just as great!