The Best Locations for Amazing Florida Road Trip

Florida is one of the most popular states in the USA for road trip fun. If you wonder where to spend your next vacation and get the perfect experience, choose the Sunshine State.  Florida is a state of limitless summer and fun. It combines the relaxed serenity of hitting the beach, the active and thematic … more

Can You Travel Without a Vaccine Passport?

covid vaccine

The Covid vaccine comes as a saving hand in times of pandemic. In the future, it may become a new VIP ticket that overcomes many quarantine requirements. For now, a vaccine passport or certificate is a useful bit not mandatory travel document. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have not issued official guidelines … more

San Francisco to Los Angeles Road Trip: The Best Stops

san francisco los angeles

With only under 400 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles, the road is packed with adventure and great stops. Can you explore the beauty of the Pacific Coast with one short road trip? If you follow this guide and remember to bring a positive mood on the trip, I guarantee you an experience to … more

Sorrento to Capri Day Trip – A Detailed Guide

sorrento to capri

While traveling through Italy, you’d want to visit so many places. Honestly, this is one of the most demanding countries in Europe, timewise. If you want to enjoy Italy to the fullest in one go (and with so many beautiful countries nearby, you’d like to go someplace new as well), a mere week of vacation … more

The Best Places to Stay in Tokyo

where to stay in tokyo

Tokyo is the world’s biggest city, and with a population of 37 million citizens, there are so many incredible tokyo districts to enjoy. Whether you want to see history, sumo wrestling, markets, electronics, or nightlife, Tokyo has a perfect area for you.  Did you know Tokyo has 14 urban hubs and 23 city wards? Each … more

7 Famous Cities in Italy to Visit ASAP

rome italy

Italy is an incredibly beautiful country that will stay in your heart once you visit it. No matter where the road takes you, Italy guarantees beautiful scenery, atmospheric places, and tasty food. This Meditterainian country is the place of contrasts and lazy summer walks. Take a closer look at the most famous cities in Italy to plan … more

Should I Quit My Job and Go Travel?

travel work

One day, you get enough of that tedious job in a toxic office with a rude boss and quit. Well done! You are on the way to your dream! Now, all the roads are open, and you can choose what you really want to do with your life and go travel. Wait! But where do … more