About Us

Open the World is the blog made by travelers, for travelers, and with travels in mind!

Are you ready to quit your job and go traveling? If not yet, Open the World will keep you informed on the best places to visit and things to do in every corner of the world.

Whether you plan a short vacation or a big tour, inspiration can be found here.

Open the World Team

With years of traveling behind our backs, we would like to offer some practical tips for your trips and share the best places we have found on our journeys.

This is a collaborative project of bloggers in search of the picturesque and inspirational places on Earth. Join the hunt for beauty!

Be it a seaside adventure, an extreme hiking trip, or a luxury relaxation in hot springs, we will inform you of the best way to spend your time! Meanwhile, you just need to book those tickets to explore the place yourself!

Our Mission

Our goal is to share the wonders and cultural differences of the world with people from different continents. The world is full of unbelievable nature masterpieces, architectural wonders of ancient civilizations, and modern attractions that blow your mind. And you can easily miss 90% of them! We are in a constant search of locations that would fill your journeys with something beautiful, something inspiring!

Traveling is emotion. Traveling is experience.

We aim to fill your trips with positive emotions and enrich them with fulfilling experiences that will stay in your heart for years. Making every trip memorable and unique is easier when you have an inspirational guide at hand.

Open the World with us!

What We Do

We strive to provide traveling tips for beginners to ease their first experiences and expect the unexpected. For knowledgeable travelers, we find new places to visit and suggest top ways to feel the beauty of the place to the fullest.

At some sites, we ponder on the extreme entertainment to bring you a rush of adrenalin. At others, we look for the means of peaceful relaxation. Our world is diverse and rich. Each place brings its personal type of joy. And Open the World would like to become your guide in the unknown.

Travel Better

Any trip is a journey of surprises and new discoveries. Hardly any trip goes exactly as planned, even if you schedule every minute of it. Especially when you DO. This blog is meant to give all the travelers tips and alternatives for any kind of place you may choose.

Sometimes, travel is messy. Often – stressful. To take the most out of every vacation, keep Open the World at hand and relax. After all

Traveling should make you happy