Sorrento to Capri Day Trip – A Detailed Guide

sorrento to capri tripWhile traveling through Italy, you’d want to visit so many places. Honestly, this is one of the most demanding countries in Europe, timewise. If you want to enjoy Italy to the fullest in one go (and with so many beautiful countries nearby, you’d like to go someplace new as well), a mere week of vacation will not do! Besides the buzzing metropolitan cities, you’ll want to visit lots of small islands alongside its coast. And here’s where the Sorrento to Capri trip comes to mind. 

Capri is one of the breathtaking paradise islands you have to visit while staying in Sorrento, or anywhere near Naples for that matter! Just it’s obligatory to taste one of the famous Italian dishes – the authentic Neapolitan pizza (God forbid to mention to the locals that your gluten-free diet does not allow it), you have to take a look at a small island that would bring the Bounty video set to shame. Especially when the boat ride from Sorrento to Capri takes around 20 minutes!. 


So, how to get from Sorrento to Capri Italy? The answer is simple and straightforward – by sea. This is an island, after all. No roads are leading to it. Besides, you won’t need a car on Capri at all! 

Where From? 

sorrento to capriSorrento has two ports, and only one of them will take you on a boat trip to the nearest island – Marina Piccolo. The other one is Marina Grande and is actually more of an industrial fisher harbor. So, don’t confuse the port! 

When you arrive, begin the quest to find ticket stands. Which can be a tiresome search at any Italian metro or bus station, as well as all the ports. Honestly, the best quest rooms in the room could learn a thing or two from Italian transportation sites. You’d think it is easy to follow the arrows and names. You are greatly mistaken. If you believe that the arrow to the right will lead you to the destination – no-no – take another look around or you may wander in circles half a day (don’t make the same mistake, learn from my experience; I still shiver when thinking of finding the right directions at Rome!). 

At Marina Piccolo, it’s a bit easier. Head to the small cafe and food vendors, and you’ll descend to a plaza with ticket vendors. 

Buying Tickets 

You’ll see that several companies offer ferry rides to the island. And while all of them would be enjoyable and take no more than 30 minutes, let’s discuss the options. 

The two leading companies that hold regular rides are SNAV and NLG. The second service has more rides a week; thus, you are more flexible in choosing the time of your ride. Though, I suggest moving out in the morning to get a full day at the beautiful paradise island. The Sorrento to Capri travel time will take 20 minutes on both boats. So, does it matter which company to choose? Not really. It all comes down to the schedule and what time is suitable for you. 


A one-way trip to Capri will cost you €20. The return ticket will cost you the same amount unless you buy a two-way ticket from the start. You may find a deal of €37 for the whole ride. For children, the price is €14.

To check the availability of tickets, departure time, and prices, you may use this online service.  

A tour 

sorrento to capri day trip These were the simple ferry rides to Capri and back that serve as a kind of public transportation. 

However, there is one more option for going to Capri for a day – tours and excursions. If you want an entertainment package included in your Capri trip, this will be your perfect option. You can choose one of the few cruise excursions provided by Capri Boats. The Sorrento to Capri day trip cost depends on the tour you choose. 

Exploring Capri from the sea and navigating around the beautiful island comes with many perks, including the gentle breeze, fascinating historical facts, and cheery dolphins jumping around the boat. 

The company offers several types of trips: 

  1. A day across the Bay of Naples. The trip covers Capri and the surrounding waters and historical sites, including Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano, Nerano, Ischia, Procida. 
  2. A sunset cruise. Enjoy an evening on a marine trattoria with a glass of local wine while enjoying the beauty of the sunset at sea. The boat navigates near Capri, choosing the best locations and views. 

Things to Do on Capri 

Now, when you know how to get to the most beautiful island in the region, only one question remains – what to do there? Well, you may just take a blanket and enjoy the gentle breeze on the beach, but you may also spend your day much better than that. Here are some of the most fascinating places you have to visit while on the island: 

The Blue Grotto 

sorrento to capri ferryJust as the name suggests, this is an underwater cavern with water so blue that it seems to be shining. This is the leading attraction of Capri, so be prepared to meet a crowd there. To save your time and approach the Grotto among the first visitors, you can find guides in the harbor and arrange transportation. They are usually loud and easy to spot! 

Giardini di Augusto 

Another popular tourist attraction with stunning blue waters is located on the other side of the island, Giardini di Augusto. Thus, you’ll have to choose which one to visit first, but you should come to see both of them anyway. I’d recommend walking to Giardini di Augusto by the popular footpath of Via Matteotti that offers one of the best Midditeraininan sceneries on the coast. To enter the Via Matteotti gardens, you’ll have to pay €1 at the gates. 

A chairlift to Monte Solaro 

To take a look at the beauty of this island and mainland scenery, I suggest a quick ride on a chairlift to reach the peaks of Monte Solaro. Upon arrival, take the bus to Anacapri (tickets can be bought right at the small harbor upon arrival of your boat from Sorrento to Capri) and enjoy the lift (ticket price – €12). Besides, this is the perfect site for those Instagram pictures you’ll want to share from your trip! 

A Day on Capri

All in all, Capri is a rather large island that bears attractions for any taste. You may want to enjoy the island’s natural wonders, visit the central town, dive into the local culture and history, or simply enjoy nature while strolling around.