Should I Quit My Job and Go Travel?

One day, you get enough of that tedious job in a toxic office with a rude boss and quit. Well done! You are on the way to your dream! Now, all the roads are open, and you can choose what you really want to do with your life and go travel. Wait! But where do you start? What do you do?

Now, that you stand with a box of your stationery and an “inset-hilarious-quote” cup in your hands, do you just go home or panic at the nearest corner? What do you think? You hold your head high and call your family or friends to share this fantastic news and celebrate your freedom. 

remote workAnd when you thoroughly celebrate the best decision in your life, it’s time to make an actual plan and set it in motion. Of course, it’s scary to go outside your comfort bubble and try new things, let alone leave your financial stability in the hands of chance and luck. But the satisfaction of acquiring a job you like is your personal achievement of an enormous scale. 

If your dream job is all about traveling, it’s time to take that plan into action. And surely you don’t believe that people do such a fantastic job, travel and get paid for that. Set aside those doubts and check this list of the jobs where you can travel that will get you enough income to enjoy your life. 

Flight Attendant 

This is an obvious choice for those who want to travel regularly. When you take a look at those cool and collected ladies (and men) in airplanes, you can only admire them. And while this is the first job to come into mind for many, it is quite demanding. The hours are erratic, safety measures are more crucial than anywhere, and you get long flights. The requirements are high as well. You have to speak at least one foreign language (plus English is a must), have excellent communication skills, know CPR and first aid techniques, and have good health. Constants get legs. Long work hours and often demanding passengers force only the strongest to stay. 

 But the joy of traveling from country to country is immense and worth all the trouble. Plus, you and your family get significant flight discounts. 

International Aid Worker 

travelingHow to quit a job you just started? For a purpose! This job requires a passion of a particular kind. Here, you travel not for income (though the international organizations offer a full salary and accommodations), but you follow the higher purpose of helping people worldwide. 

Peace Corps, Red Cross, USAID, and other organizations have a wide net of services and continuously send people to the far-off regions. As an aid worker, you’ll visit several countries and help deal with the local programs and assist people. Though everybody can enter these organizations, a background in health or social studies is a plus. 

Though this work may be tiring and send you to harsh locations, you will make a difference to the world and touch many lives. As a small bonus, you’ll see some of the most fascinating corners of the world, often neglected by tourists. 

Travel agent 

While this job is not a 100% guarantee of a hectic traveling schedule, many companies send experienced agents to the locations they promote to get a personal understanding of what they offer. In addition to international travel, you may also visit some local ventures, restaurants, and resorts across the country. 

Besides, a travel agent’s work revolves around traveling, and it is nice to be involved even when you stay at an office at the time. 


A translator may be easily among the jobs where you travel. Many corporations hire translators for everyday paperwork. However, from time to time, you’ll get to travel with the top managers to foreign offices and other companies to aid in business deals. 

Traveling as a personal interpreter comes with many variables but always leads to international travels. Hone your skills and prove your worth to be hired by a genuinely global business owner.


remote workIf you have photography as your hobby, it’s time to devote your full time to this profession. If you think that photographers only sit in local studios or travel to a wedding venue 20 miles from the city at most, you are gravely mistaken. Photographers can and do travel a lot. This is not a job that restricts your movements. After all, you can find clients anywhere. Besides, professional photographers are often required in the most picturesque places on Earth. 

This is a flexible job that comes with no hectic schedules (most of the time) and gets you somewhere nice. 

A photographer has endless opportunities. You just have to buy the right camera and practice. 

Cruise Ship Worker 

If you are not afraid of seasickness and relatively closed spaces, working on a cruise ship offers some of the best views! This job requires hard work (depending on what position you get) but offers impressive pay for one cruise at the same time. Besides, you spend all your time traveling! Isn’t it the job of your dreams? 

There are jobs you may apply to on a cruise ship, from “housekeeping” to catering, cooking, or entertaining. It all depends on your skills and experience in one of these spheres. 

Any Remote Job Ever

quit job and travel2020 is the perfect year for remote working, but not for traveling, unfortunately. However, when the time comes, you’ll be able to travel anywhere if you have a job that requires only a laptop and the Internet. You may be either independent from your location or profit from traveling specifically. The latter can be done by blogging. There are tons of modern bloggers who create work travel content and get profits from it! Thus, you’ll have an impressive competition, but the opportunities are immense. And you’ll get to do what you like and share it with people. 

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