How to Spend the Best Vacation at Cheow Lan Lake 

Cheow Lan Lake is a sight of beauty in the National Park in Thailand. With its emerald green water, the surrounding cliffs and trees, this is the perfect spot for swimming, canoeing, and simply enjoying the tropical nature. An overnight Lake tour will show you the local marvels, bring you to the majestic elephants, and settle you in the hotel of your life – a floating house. 

Have you already planned your trip to Thailand? I sincerely hope you’ve included Cheow Lan Lake in the must-see sights list for the country. 

Where is Cheow Lan Lake Located? 

cheow lake vacation
Nina R. “Khao Sok National Park” Online image. Flickr

Cheow Lan Lake is an artificial water reserve in the Surat Thani Province in Thailand. The lake was created in 1987 during the construction of the Rajjaprabha Dam. 

The Surat Thani Province lies in the Southern region. Favored by the locals and visitors, it is one of the central locations. The Khao Sok National Park amidst which the lake lies is one of the marvels every tourist has to visit in Thailand. The park stretches for around 739 km2 and preserves the beauty of the diverse rainforest. It is magnificent today, but the local guides highlight that, millions of years ago, it was even bigger and more impressive than the Amazon.

The lake itself is located in the northern part of the forest and serves as an entrance to the park. I also should mention that the area is perfect for tourists who want to enjoy the local greenery. 

Are you Thailand for its fantastic wildlife and flora? Then you’ll find the Province the perfect choice of accommodation as it contains 3 beautiful National Parks all located right beside each other. 

What Forms of Entertainment Are There? 

Cheow Lan Lake and the surrounding park area are full of things to do, watch, and fall in love with. For each – its own; but I firmly believe that the following suggestions will not disappoint anyone. 

Meet the Elephants 

This is a must for everyone! Who wouldn’t want to meet these majestic creatures? For me, elephants are among the wisest and most remarkable animals! The best part – they are not closed up in a hot zoo! They roam free in the local forests! And so are many other animals and birds – both unique to the islands and the ones you know well enough. Remember to be careful and stick to the tourist routes for safety measures. There is no shortage of exotic animals and Khao Sok birds of vivacious colors and breathtaking beauty. 


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Bas Leenders. “Khao Sok lakes” Online image. Flickr

If you seek relaxation, you can spend your Thai vacation simply sunbathing and enjoying the local views. Freshwater fishing Khao Lak spots will bring something new to your regular tourism experience. Have you ever caught a monster-sized exotic fish? Well, you can do that on this lake! It contains more than 60 wonderful and, frankly, strange species and most of them bigger than your hand! This is one unique experience that you won’t forget. 

Boat Tour

A visit to Cheow Lan Lake without getting on a boat tour is time wasted! Yes, the jungle is incredible, but cruising across the waters (full of monster fish!), surrounded by the scenery, an Avatar movie is the ultimate Thailand experience. 

As you near the banks, look out for leaves moving to catch a glimpse of exotic animals, including several types of playful monkeys and the rare sight of the world’s smallest bear, Malay, sunbathing among the greenery. 

Should I Stay at Cheow Lan Lake Overnight? 

cheow lan lake
Nina R. “Khao Sok National Park” Online image. Flickr

Absolutely! A two-day trip is a perfect choice if you want to enjoy everything the Khao Sok National Park has to offer. Besides, here come the floating hotels I’ve mentioned. Cheow Lan Lake provides unique accommodation for its visitors – cozy bungalows scattered across the lake! Rows of houses that seem to float on the surface of the lake add a “fairy-tale” feeling to your vacation. 

At night, the cabin is filled with the sounds of the surrounding wildlife. You can just close your eyes and imagine yourself on an epic adventure in the jungles; maybe hunting for some treasure with Indiana Jones. 

I advise booking the loading beforehand as the place is popular among tourists and the only option you may have on-site would be too expensive. 

Among the top bungalows is Krai Son Raft House, Nang Prai Raft House, Klong Saeng Raft House, Sai Chon Raft House, Chiew Lan Raft House, and Smiley Floating Bungalows. 

When should I visit Cheow Lan Lake? 

Thailand has a tropical climate that ranges from very hot to very rainy and damp.

Personally, I believe that this country is beautiful all year round and you can find things to do in any weather. During the dry period (approximately November – May), hiking, sunbathing, and enjoying the local nature are great options. The monsoon season that lasts roughly from June to October may be filled with rains that prevent daily trips to the beach or all-day hiking, but they fill up the numerous local waterfalls. 

The dry season is always a hit on the lake itself, especially the period from March to May. Spring is your perfect choice if you don’t travel on a budget. The prices are high here. 

To enjoy Cheow during the dry period but on a budget, visit during the winter months, November – February.

I’d suggest avoiding the lake during the rainiest month, July, as there may be issues with on-water accommodations. 

How to Make The Trip Perfect? 

Visit Chew Lan Lake with your significant other! This is the perfect location for a romantic getaway! The serenity of the place, its beauty, and the exotic nature are the perfect setting for romantic walks, private boat rides, and passionate confessions. 

Make sure to travel individually, without a group of nosy and loud tourists. They ruin the whole beauty of the place. Besides, you’ll get an opportunity to meet some amazing local people and even practice some Thai! 

Have a nice trip and remember to travel safely during these Covid tourism times.