Kopi Luwak Coffee for True Aficionados!

Kopi Luwak is one of the world’s most expensive coffee sorts. Accordingly, this is the most exclusive coffee you can find. But what makes it so unique and costly? It’s the method of production! Have you ever heard of animal poop coffee? This is precisely the type of drink you’ll get. But don’t worry, it doesn’t taste like shit, which is unbelievable considering the way of its production. 

Indonesian tourists often enjoy the opportunity to taste this unique blend right from the source, so to say. Many tourists enjoy the special excursions to the place of kopi luwak production, mainly to see those animals responsible for something so exclusive and to taste the beverage at the site of its manufacture. 

If you have no opportunity to visit the plantations and zoos of kopi luwak production, we’ll gladly take you through a tour of our own! Enjoy the virtual ride and keep an open mind for this type of drink. 

How is Kopi Luwak Made

kopi luwakAs we’ve mentioned before, this type of coffee is made out of animal poop, sort of it. In the cages, you’ll see Asian palm civets that are the primary producers of such coffee. As disgusting as it may seem, the world’s most exclusive cup of coffee is made out of poop. And people pay as much as 80$ for the taste in the U.S. and Europe. 

These civets are strange creatures for a person who sees them for the first time. They gather features of several other animals. With a monkey’s tail, rodent’s face, and some raccoon-ish stripes, you can easily tell that this is monkey poop coffee. Or a cat’s one. The unusual look of a civet is what brings much confusion when talking about animal poop coffee. 

For a coffee aficionado, the more extravagant coffee processing, the better. The usual ways are not enough. They needed something more unique and exclusive. Thus, animals came into play. 

It involves the digestive systems of these animals that process coffee beans by removing the usual acidity of strong coffee. The further processing measures are meant to ensure that customers get a pure and safe product. 

Although, civets are not unique animals used for the process. You may also hear of cat, bird, and cat poop coffee being a popular treat in exotic countries. All these animals have one thing in common – a digesting process that makes coffee enthusiasts go far and beyond just for a taste of this blend. Thus, kopi luwak coffee may sound like a not so good idea, but every enthusiast should try it once to learn the taste of the most exclusive coffee. 

But is it a good idea to drink such coffee regularly? Even when you have enough money for that? 

Kopi Luwak Benefits 

The Taste 

kopi luwakLuwak coffee tastes exceptionally delicious even when compared with the best coffee sorts manufactured the usual ways. If, even despite the method of prediction, you decide to drink a cup of this drink, you’ll get a rich taste of earthy and nutty notes, without the bitterness or acidity of the standard blends. The most experienced aficionados will also taste chocolatey notes in its taste and smell that even the best San Francisco chocolate manufacturers envy. This is rich coffee but mellow that tastes good even for the tea-people as it has little to no bitterness. 

Some experts point out that elephant or bat poop coffee tastes better due to its flowery and cherry notes and their diet differences. To our mind, this is a matter of personal opinion and taste. 


Not many people can boast about the fact that they’ve tried some of the most exclusive coffee in the world. If you indulge in a cup of kopi luwak, you’ll become one of the club’s few members. Let’s not call it a “poop club,” alright? 

Kopi Luwak Downsides


kopi luwakThe high price of kopi luwak is the biggest issue for the majority of customers. And while the regular cup of coffee may cost you around 2-3 bucks, kopi luwak is prided for its premium class. It may cost you 35-100 dollars for a cup. See the difference? This is how much the high-class kopi luwak coffee will cost you! 

Compared to the regular coffee you get while rushing to work and keeping up the hectic lifestyle, the kopi luwak price is incredibly high. 

If you happen to visit Indonesia for vacation, use this perfect chance to get a cup for a lower price! Such farm excursions are the real deal when you see the animals, how they live and what coffee beans they eat exactly. Besides, such coffee right from the farm tastes much better than its internet analogs. 

Cruel Farms

The condition of most civet farms would revolt any animal-protection enthusiast. The modern kopi luwak production is no longer about exclusivity but about money. To lower the price of this “premium” coffee, animals are often held in bad conditions and are malnourished as they are fed the coffee beans exclusively. On some occasions, those beans are not of the highest quality as well. But the manufacturer often hides the fact, Which brings us to another downside of such coffee – frauds.

Fake Kopi Luwak 

kopi luwakAs with any other premium product, you’ll find many illegal frauds trying to pass as the real product. A regular customer can hardly prove that the coffee is not genuine without the help of an official inspection. Those who come for their first cup of Luwak coffee will have an even harder time if they don’t know what to expect at all. 

You may be surprised, but around 70% of the Internet Luwak sales are fake! Be careful when buying this beverage. Frauds are widespread. Do not be luring by the lowest price on the market!

With all the downsides and benefits of kopi luwak, it should be completely your choice to try this beverage or not!