Arashiyama Bamboo Grove: Why Is It Popular?

arashiyama bamboo grove

Arashiyama forest is arguably the most Instagrammable place in the whole Kyoto. The beauty of this bamboo forest impresses with its serenity, majestic stature, and otherworldly atmosphere. The place is a must-see for every tourist in the area. As you come to Kyoto, include this location on your sightseeing list and devote it the whole … more

8 Best Japanese Snacks

best japanese snacks

There are many incredible things about visiting Japan, but the glorious food and snacks have to be the most significant Japanese benefits. Did you know that Japanese cuisine is one of three cuisines recognized by the United Nations for its cultural importance?  If you don’t spend your time in Japan exploring the delicious local food, … more

The Best Places to Stay in Tokyo

where to stay in tokyo

Tokyo is the world’s biggest city, and with a population of 37 million citizens, there are so many incredible tokyo districts to enjoy. Whether you want to see history, sumo wrestling, markets, electronics, or nightlife, Tokyo has a perfect area for you.  Did you know Tokyo has 14 urban hubs and 23 city wards? Each … more