8 Best Things to Do in Perthshire, Scottish Faerie Land

things to o in perthshire

Scotland, O Scotland. This is the land of breathtaking views and fascinating people. Scotland’s trick for me was “the less you expect, the harder it hits you.” I’ve known little about what majestic views await me in this diverse land. Every tourist visiting this part of the United Kingdom is welcome to visit one of … more

8 Hearty Dishes to Get a Taste of Lithuanian Cuisine

lithuanian food

The Balkans are a fascinating place for a tourist. The location has amazing nature and diverse culture that gathers influences from such distinctive Westers and Eastern Europe. Lithuania food, in particular, is an exciting blend every tourist has to indulge in. Lithuanian cuisine may not be the most popular in the world, even within Europe, … more

6 Mouthwatering Austrian Dishes You Should Try

traditional austrian food

Austria is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. On the one hand, you get the cultural and architectural intricacy of its capital. On the other – the majestic beauty of Alp nature. To get to know the country to its fullest, you have to indulge in all the amazing aspects of it. Austrian … more

7 Traditional Norwegian Dishes Every Tourist Tries and 1 Controversial Entry

norwegian food

Planning a trip to crispy Norway while tourism is still sleeping in the country? Good choice. To make the trip truly unforgettable, you have to thoroughly research the type of products and dishes that would fill your days on the trip. Norway is an impressive marine country with a somewhat harsh climate. Such a combination, … more

10 Traditional Portuguese Foods That Taste Heavenly

Portugal has a rich cuisine that includes meats, seafood, desserts, dairy, and leagues. It is characterized by strong influences of Mediterranean and French cuisines and the variety of spices from its colonization regions. A varied traditional Portuguese food has something to offer even the most demanding food aficionado. So, are you ready for a list … more

7 Famous Cities in Italy to Visit ASAP

rome italy

Italy is an incredibly beautiful country that will stay in your heart once you visit it. No matter where the road takes you, Italy guarantees beautiful scenery, atmospheric places, and tasty food. This Meditterainian country is the place of contrasts and lazy summer walks. Take a closer look at the most famous cities in Italy to plan … more